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Farang Ding Dong – Hot Asian Babe

Hi there guys! Did you had enough fun while you were around here the other day? We thought we might get to show you some of ours most recent Farang Ding Dong models and we have this Asian cutie for you today! In what follows we are going to give you the chance of seeing this brunette babe as she is going to take some hot pics just to tease you guys! Did you ever had the chance to notice her extra large boobies? Stay here and have a look at what we have prepared for you today!

It seems like this cute babe was going to cum over at our place for an amazing photo shooting and that’s not it! As she was willing to expose her big boobs to you! Have you ever seen anything like this before? This nasty babe is one sexy teen and she thought she might take some hot pics just to tease you! Well, this honey and  with her hot smoking body that she decided to unveil to you guys, came along and chose some outfits! Are you interested in seeing her posing with a tiny red bathing suit? What about having a look at her as she showed those big titties in one of our pics? Do you wanna see more from where this came from? All you have to do is join our community, as we have much more hot stuff to show to you!

asian with big tits

Check out this busty babe flashing her curves!

Amazing Bust Size

Hi there guys! How are you today? Are you eager to get started? We thought we might make your life and your morning even more better with some new funky fresh scenes! As follows we are going to give you the chance of watching one amazing babe with her enormous tits as she was going to pose sexy just for you today! Are you interested in having a look at this amazing gallery? Stay here and watch this cutie in this case! And trust me, you will have enough stuff to see!

This hot brunette babe is one of the chicks that we found and we were pretty interested in showing to you! cause these chicks with extra large boobs are not going to pass around unnoticed! Today this cutie decided to cum over at our studios where she was going to pose in different outfits just to tease you guys! It seems like today she was interested in exposing those extra large tits! Well, you can notice that even from the start she is not shy! At first, she wanted to take a schoolgirl outfit and those high hills just to show you what she has to carry around every single day! Soon after that she was going to expose a part of her sexy boobies and her nipples too without any bra in the end! Do you wanna enjoy this entire hot gallery? All you have to do is join us!

amazing bust-size

Watch this asian babe showing off her big juggs!

80 inch chest

Another fresh week and time to check out the latest and most fresh farang ding dong scene once more. We know how much you guys love your huge tits and as usual we come bearing gifts just like that. Today’s scene features one simply adorable and slim petite Asian chick that has a huge bust. It measures no less than 80 inches and it’s amazing how this small cutie manages to walk around with those humongous tits. Today she’s going to be the next hot babe to take her time to show off her jugs for you on camera and it’s one show that you simply must not miss out on. Let’s see her show and her at play and enjoy the whole thing.


As the farangdingdong cameras roll, the beauty is standing at attention in her first outfit and is ready to show off. It’s her custom made bra of course, and following that, she shows off her sexy lime green swimsuit that she just adores to wear to the beach. Then it’s her black see through shirt and following that, the sexy and hot schoolgirl style skirt with straps that make her look incredible. And as one last bonus, you also get to watch the cute little lady playing around with her tits as she massages and fondles them too. Take your time to truly enjoy this one and we’ll be back soon with more all new and fresh updates for you as always. Bye bye and see you then!

Check out this asian chick showing off her huge tits!

Farang Ding Dong – Sexy Biw

Hey there guys and gals, farang ding dong is back as always with more scenes to show you. This one here is a special one as we bring you the sexy and horny Biw. She was present in a past scene too and she decided to do an encore since every one of you loved her so much in the past. Well this is also to serve as a personal thank you from the farangdingdong team for taking your time to enjoy our scenes all the time. Anywho, let’s get this started as we bet that you are more than eager to see Biw in action once more and see her wearing all kinds of naughty and sensual outfits just for you and the cameras. So let them roll and let’s enjoy the view.

She’s also going to put on a whole fashion show if you will for today, just to take her time and expose her big juicy tits in all kinds of tight clothes. First off we have her wearing just a checkered skirt with straps. Then she gets to play a bit with her tits while wearing nothing but her shorts. After that comes the sexy black leather top and shorts and as you can see, her tits barely fit inside. Followed up by that it’s a sexy pink top and after that, she makes a comparison of how big her tits are in relation to normal bras too. Well as per usual, we hope that you enjoyed her sexy big tits exposed today and as always we’ll see you next time with more!


Watch here this babe revealing her impressive knockers!

Farang Ding Dong Land

Welcome back again to more farang ding dong fresh scenes. As per usual we aim to bring you some of the sexiest and best hot scenes with mega titted babes and this scene is no exception to that rule. Another Asian beauty is here to show off and even though her tits are a bit less massive than the rest of the babes around here, she still looks simply incredible on camera. Let’s check out the Asian slutty babe named Land today and see her as she also puts a show for you while wearing her sexy and hot outfits to tease you as much as she wants. So let the cameras roll without delay today.


She admits that she just adores to teast too so this was perfect for her as anyone can see. Her first outfit is the blouse that you saw in a previous scene and as always, it makes big tits look as gorgeous as ever. Then the babe goes through some nice bikinis and lingerie plus a striped top and a white one that boldly declares her preference in men and cocks. We have to say that the Bikini top/Garterbelt/black panties combo was sizzling hot though and we think that you’d agree with that. Anyway, enjoy the view of this superb babe and we’ll be bringing you even more sexy cuties next week with a all new and fresh scene and more big tits.

Take a look at this chick playing with her huge tits!

Extra Tease

Farang ding dong is back yet again with all new and hot updates. This scene is here to cater to more of your needs of seeing some simply hot and juicy babes with big tits. Of course this cute teen is also Asian and also packing herself a nice and big pair of humongous tits. This babe is a master of disguise though as she has loads of outfits that she loves to wear and be sure that they all warrant attention when you’d see her wearing them. Today she’s going to be putting that collection on display just for you and she hopes that it will entice you, to which we say most definitely. So let’s get the cameras rolling and see her in action.

The sexy babe with her cute face and sexy body make their entry to show off one of her favorite red dresses. Of course, the tits are doing their best to escape, but they are well contained and she looks smoking hot wearing that. Then it’s a nice blouse with a booby window if you will that lets everyone take a nice and clear peek at her generous bust while also making her look stylish. After that it’s the nurse’s outfit and the even naughtier schoolgirl outfit after that. To end it all on a perfect note, she shows off her sexy shiny top as well but it seems that with time it got small and it barely covers her huge tits by now. Enjoy it and see you next week!


Watch here this teen exposing her big tits!

Busty Beauty

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new farang ding dong scene today. As you know, this is the best place to visit when you want to see some truly incredible and sexy Asian women with some mega huge tits. Like all of the adorable babes here, this one also loves to dress naughty and rest assured that she needs custom clothes as the regular ones simply don’t work on her at all. Those perky melons always want more space and she said that as they grew bigger and bigger, she also managed to tear up some of her fave clothes too. Haha, well let’s check her out parading her enormous tits today as well and let’s see her play.

half-Afghan beauty

This juicy teen, like we said, starts off by showing just how regular clothes can’t fit her mega tits. And to prove that, she tries to take on one of her corsets to prove it. Of course, the giant tits simply pop out as they can’t be contained. But that’s okay. As all the cuties here, this lovely woman has clothes custom made for her and she is more than happy to show them off. See her taking her time to pose in all of them for this fine afternoon and you can even see her letting the cameraman play with her tits and fondle them in her scene. We hope that you enjoyed it and we’ll be back soon as per usual with some more all new and fresh scenes!

Watch here this hot teen showing off her huge knockers!

Just One Shooting

This week’s new farang ding dong scene features a brand new Asian cutie showing off. As you know, we always bring you the cutest and sexiest of them all and we know you’ll love this one right here. We have a babe with short brown hair that also looks very cute and has big juicy lips. On top of a petite body that looks amazing too, of course, this babe packs a mega set of tits and she very much wants to show them off in this afternoon. Let’s check her out as she also gets to show off for you and let’s see the absolutely adorable babe get to try some different outfits as well. Rest assured that all of them made her look sizzling hot too.

The scene starts with our babe in her apartment as that’s where she wanted to pose and starting off, she wanted to show off her black and red see through shirts. After that, the recliner is her next stop as she wants you to see her wearing her white fur coat as she exposes her tits too. More sexy clothes follow and she even shows off her sexy bra too. All in all it was one great an amazing scene to behold with a very hot and sexy cutie and we definitely hope that she’s going to come back in the future to shoot some more scenes. Meanwhile just take your time with this one and have fun with her. We’ll be seeing you soon enough!

just one shooting

Enjoy watching this hot asian showing off her knockers!

Legend Poo

Today we have some all new and fresh hot farang ding dong scenes to show off. The title of this scene however couldn’t be more fitting as it perfectly describes this Asian teen cutie with her mega jugs. Her name is Poo and her tits are truly the stuff of legend as you can see. They are enormous and Poo herself says that she’s angry about the fact that she can’t wear sexy dresses anymore, as they simply won’t fit over her giant melons. Either way, she still says that she enjoys the attention she gets from the guys and she always enjoys sucking and slurping on a nice and big cock as well. Let’s see more of her in today’s scene.

Legend Poo

As much as she loves the attnetion from guys and the extra sex, this cutie loves to put on a show too. So watch her demonstrate the whole sexy dress thing and you can see her enormous breasts trying to escape the confines of that said dress at all times. Well once all the teasing is done, you can see her get to do some more sexy things and namely put on display her cock sucking skills. Watch as she whips out the dude’s nice and large cock and see her use those juicy lips to start sucking the guy off with a passion. At the end of this incredible scene, you can see Poo’s face covered in sticky warm jizz as well, and that’s how she likes it.

Watch here this sexy teen playing with her monster tits!

Farang Ding Dong – Lek

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to an all new farang ding dong update. As you know, some of the juiciest scenes can be seen here and they all contain sexy and cute Asian babes that pack a mega pair of tits. In this scene we get to see and enjoy the company of Lek, which is just such a babe. She likes her huge breasts quite a lot as she gets a lot of attention, especially from the guys and she just adores it. She also has a knack for dressing up really sexy too, and that’s what we’ll be getting around to see her doing in this afternoon. So let’s start off her scene without delay and let’s enjoy the superb view shall we?

The sexy and sizzling hot teen Lek, knows that everyone loves to ogle her sexy body and that’s why she mainly loves to play dress up and wear sexy clothes. Well in her repertoire today you get to see her change in a few outfits just to let you see how sexy she looks. First off it’s a black skirt with a see through shirt, then a checkered skirt with a white coat and white satin bra and last but not least a wimple white shirt with a black skirt. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what she wears, this cute teen will always be a sight to behold and we hope that she and her giant breasts will honor us with her presence some more in the future!

newcomer lek

Take a look at this cute teen massaging her huge knockers!